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[FREN 107] French for Advanced Beginners

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FREN 107


French Language and Culture

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French for Advanced Beginners

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This is a full year of beginning college French in one semester for those with previous formal exposure to French or another Romance Language. This course presumes a basic knowledge of French orthography and pronunciation as well as recognition and/or use of elementary everyday vocabulary, the present tense, and grammatical concepts. Classroom activities will be conducted in French from the first day of class, and language lessons will prepare students to function in culturally authentic communicative situations.

Open to students with previous experience in French. Students must take an online placement exam. The exam should take less than an hour and requires you to log in using your Beloit username and password. Contact Joseph Derosier ( with any questions.

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MWF 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

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