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[CRIS 140] Trans Studies/Trans Activism

Course Code

CRIS 140


Critical Identity Studies

Title Override

Trans Studies/Trans Activism

Description Override

This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary field of transgender studies as it relates to history, politics, community, and activism. We will examine how the field of trans studies has emerged in dialogue with gender and sexuality studies, as well as how it stakes a claim for itself as a field and mode of analysis both separate from and integral to feminist and queer theory.

Defining “transgender” broadly to include a range of experiences, identities, and embodiments, we will ground theoretical discussions in the everyday lives of trans and non-binary people, examining how race, class, gender, and sexuality shape positionality and proximity to violence, employment, healthcare, and community.

Students will pay special attention to the ways trans studies and trans activism explore possibilities of resistance to interlocking structures of power, imagining new ways of being in everyday life–including everyday life at Beloit College.

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MW 7:15 PM-9:00 PM

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