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Beloit Gaming & eSports club


The purpose of this club is twofold: to create a social gaming community for casual members, and to create and promote a medium for those interested in competitive play. In these participants will become engaged with the college and other students, and develop the skills associated with competitive play.

Membership Requirements

Membership in the club shall be open to any and all students, faculty, and staff at the college. Individuals who are not enrolled are entitled to partial membership, but cannot vote, or become officers. Alumni should be encouraged to participate within the club, give guidance to the precedent and officers, and may contribute their skills or creations to club materials, but should not vote.

For members participating in the eSports wing of the club, the club cannot guarantee eligibility for its members in external and/or private tournaments & leagues such as FACEIT, ESEA, Highlander ect. As these are private tournaments we are participating in them as guests, not organizers.

Student Contact Name

Max Simeck ’21, President; Brice Henthorn ’23, Promoter/Officer

Student Contact Email

Faculty/Staff Advisor Name

Athena Tate

Page Updated 5/19/2021

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