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Anett Martinez Vazquez


Shakopee, MN



Expected graduation year


Academic interests

Major: Engineering and Computer Science

Fun fact about me

I watch hello kitty and friends because it brings me peace, watch it before you judge!!!

Languages I speak

English and Spanish

Why I chose Beloit

I like being able to have a close community, the staff is also extremely friendly and helpful, and I overall think it was the best decision because I wanted the freedom from being alone but also not be too far from home.

Favorite color

Pink and Black

Campus clubs/groups I'm interested in

Not sure the exact names of the clubs but I’m looking to join an environmental club and a robotics club.

Favorite hobbies/sports

I like to write poetry, watch Netflix, Boxing, and going to the gym while listening to Bad Bunny!!

My social media

Insta: a.nettte

Snap: anett_lou

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