Theatre & Dance

The department of theatre and dance provides an experiential program that focuses on academic knowledge and creative expression within a liberal arts context. We value a learning and creative environment that welcomes differences of gender, identity, ability level, and cultural heritage. We recognize our responsibility as artists and citizens to consider individual rights and social justice in our work. Our work is inherently collaborative, and we seek to model this in the classroom, creative projects, and in our connections to the wider campus and community.

Our courses offer exploration of the core perspectives necessary within two tracks: theatre and dance. We believe theatre and dance students must develop practical, collaborative, and problem-solving skills as they find their individual artistic voices and visions. Students develop a strong theoretical grounding and connect creative work to academic endeavors, personal values, and the multiple cultures with which we engage. Graduates of our program are not only artists, but are also prepared to live as self-actualizing citizens and individuals.

Our classes offer students opportunities to think critically, create adventurously, and collaborate successfully. We empower students with knowledge and encourage the pursuit of excellence in all that they do. Graduates recognize their theatre and dance major as integral to their liberal arts education, applying it to the rest of their creative, professional, and personal lives.


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Theatre & Dance

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