Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Studying the cultures, languages, literatures, mythologies, and material remains of ancient Greece and Rome, as well as their interdependent relationships with other societies of the ancient Mediterranean, teaches advanced skills in critical thought, creative problem-solving, communication, and careful analysis. Much about these societies can probably never be known for certain, but the large degree of uncertainty is just as useful as the evidence itself: continuing to produce knowledge about these societies requires ethical, precise, multidisciplinary, and creative approaches both to the evidence and to the gaps in evidence.

Our curriculum, therefore, teaches students multiple ways of approaching the ancient Mediterranean world and its continued influence, offering one major that uses Latin and Greek languages and another that uses a working knowledge of either Latin or Greek in addition to non-philological multidisciplinary inquiry. In our majors and minor, students are empowered to question how knowledge is and has been produced, to confront how such knowledge is given authority in the present, and to become producers of their own knowledges and communities as they move forward in their lives.


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Greek, Latin, & Ancient Mediterranean Studies

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