Critical Identity Studies

The Department of Critical Identity Studies (CRIS) aims to bring normative and non-normative identities and embodied lifeways (based on races, religions, genders, sexualities, dis/abilities, nations, etc.) across space and time into critical and constructive dialogue so as to integrate theories and practices that advance the work of equity and anti-racism at the college and beyond.

Drawing on women’s and gender studies, ethnic studies, religious studies, disability studies, postcolonial studies, and more, CRIS students have ongoing opportunities to understand identity deeply, remake dominant knowledge paradigms, and practice what it means to transform community through self-reflection and hands-on engagement within and outside the traditional classroom.

Whether their communities are the places they call home, the diverse contexts of Beloit College, or the global networks they build, students will broaden their awareness of the relations that constitute self and other and enhance their ability to navigate complex systems of power within which identity formations take shape.


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Critical Identity Studies

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critical identity studies

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