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Tracking Energy Consumption across Organizations via the Open Energy Dashboard (OED)

Presentation author(s)

Wadood Alam ’21, Lahore, Pakistan

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics


Open Energy Dashboard (OED) is an open-source project which records and graphically displays the power consumption for any given organization. Due to the nature of this project, accommodating data in an organized and retrievable way using a database is an essential component of this project. My work in this project primarily consisted of the expansion and modification of the current database to enhance it for upcoming changes. Most of my work revolves around data coming in from meters, which gather the readings for electricity consumption, and writing test code to ensure that my code does what is expected. Alongside electricity consumption analysis, the project is expanding to track and analyze other sources of power as well, for example, natural gas. A component of this expansion consists of custom unit conversion. A thorough evaluation of numerous unit conversion packages was performed in which I carefully assessed the capabilities of the package to perform custom unit conversions and its ease of integration into the OED project. Packages were then shortlisted for final testing before integrating them into the project.


Steve Huss-Lederman

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