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Lockdown at the Dorms: A Descriptive Study of Beloit College Students and Covid-19

Presentation author(s)

Aminah Tatyania May Crawford ’21, Beloit, Wisconsin

Majors: Education & Youth Studies; Critical Identity Studies
Minor: Spanish


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world. The pandemic has become the major source of people’s anxieties because of its merciless ways. Covid-19 has killed over 500,000 people in the United States alone and 2.3 million globally. Accentuated as a new stressor event, it creates fear, worry, and anxiety for one’s own and loved ones’ health. It has constrained socializing and physical movement and has made new radical lifestyle changes for many people. However, Covid-19, while the biggest threat to our immediate physical health, has been accompanied by increased awareness of the long-standing endemic structural racism in the United States and a new Covid-19 recession that has disproportionately impacted Black, Indigenous, and communities of color. For my senior thesis in education and youth studies, I conducted a research project to offer an unfiltered picture of the personal struggles and collective angst held by Beloit College students due to the pandemic that has completely upended their college career plans.

My study looks at how Beloit College students have acclimatized to these three interrelated phenomena: Covid-19, refocus on structural racism, and Covid-19 recession. Students completed a survey that attempted to address how they have acclimated to the new policy changes in Fall 2020, their first semester back during the pandemic.

This presentation will go over a brief analysis of my findings regarding what students are experiencing, including their perceived stress levels. My research findings support specific preventions and intervention strategies for institutions like Beloit that will be vital in the pandemic’s recovery phase and similar situations in the future.


Catherine Orr

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