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Who attended Career Accelerator?

Presentation author(s)

Umang Garg ’22, Delhi, India

Major: Quantitative Economics
Minor: Chinese Language, Mathematics


Beloit College Career Accelerator offered students opportunities to attend remote site visits, network with panelists, and receive resume advice from a host of talented alumni and business professionals. This research project aims to analyze the RSVP and attendance data of the two-week-long event. Attendance data was collected manually and RSVP data was collected through the college’s website (LiveWhale). I analyzed how effective the event was at reaching a wide audience. To derive richer conclusions, this data was cleaned and matched to student demographic information collected by the college using STATA. The study specifically explores how attendance at events varied by majors, class year, ethnicity, and athlete status. It also summarizes attendance by event theme and learning outcome tags. The results inform planning for next year’s Career Accelerator. This research project was conducted as part of my on-campus position as a student analyst at the Institutional Research and Planning Office, and I will also discuss the learning opportunities the role offers.


Ellenor Anderbyrne

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