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Life After Pandemic: Lessons from Post-Mortality Crisis German Skeletons

Presentation author(s)

Gabrie Simmons ’22, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Major: Biology
Minor: Spanish


The 14th-century mortality crisis was a time of great stress for the medieval Germans. These crises included warfare, extreme environmental changes, famine, and the Bubonic Plague. Stress has been associated with inflammatory diseases, such as periodontitis. This study investigates the prevalence of periodontitis from skeletons curated by Staatssammlung für Anthropologie und Paläoanatomie München (n = 86), from early modern Germany. The results revealed that there was no association between periodontal disease and stress in this sample (χ2=0.59, df=1, α>0.05), but there was a significant association between periodontal disease and age (χ2=0.01, df=4, α


Tawnya Cary

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