Family Life During a Pandemic

Presentation author(s)

Isabel Mendoza ’21, Huntley, Illinois

Majors: Psychology; Spanish
Minor: Health & Society


The 2020 pandemic, COVID-19, created a scene where businesses, schools, and other aspects of life came to a halt, forcing everyone inside their homes with stay-at-home orders. During this time, parents have had their work responsibilities plus the added task of having to assist their children with their school work beyond what typical after-school homework involves (Griffith, 2020; Humphreys et al., 2020). Moreover, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic disrupts both the parent and the children’s schedules, resulting in a change in routines that is especially difficult for children and may impact their education (Humphreys et al., 2020). With an increase in parents’ exposure to their children, parental beliefs are now more critical than ever in regards to providing quality support with their children’s schoolwork. Additionally, the level of stress parents experience in their day may or may not impact the quality of effort they provide in assisting their children with their academics.

To investigate the impact of parental stress levels and parental beliefs on the quality of involvement parents provided their children during the ongoing pandemic, I surveyed, interviewed, and observed parents and school-aged children. Parent and child surveys were sent out via social media. The parent survey included questions about demographic background and experiences of stress. The child survey included the child’s assessment of the quality of parental involvement in homework. The parent survey provided the option to participate in an interview and a recorded interaction. Those parents who provided interest in and contact information were invited to participate in an interview and recorded parent-child interaction. Preliminary findings from the study will be described on symposium day.


Suzanne Cox

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