Ron Watson

Academic Specialties and Other Interests

I am a professor with a joint appointment in the Political Science department and Health & Society program. I am also one of the coordinators of our Health and Healing Career Channel and advise students who are interested in going on to work in a broad range of health and health-adjacent professions. I love being at Beloit because of the closeness of the community and the amazing students who come to share their knowledge and curiosity with us. Above all else, it gives me great pride to see students learn, develop and grow into the world-changing people I know they will become after their time at Beloit.

Though originally from central Virginia, I have lived all over the United States, including Florida, Indiana and New Mexico. However, the most formative of my living experiences as an adult is the more than 10 years I spent living and working in rural and urban Japan. My time there provided an unparalleled glimpse into the realities and possibilities of international relations, governance, policing and social cohesion, as well as the common difficulty of confronting a troubling and shameful past. This insight now deeply informs my own participation in government and efforts to fight for social justice and equity at home.

Whether we meet as a student in my courses, as one of my advisees or as partners in a research or entrepreneurship project, I look forward to learning and growing with you as we consider the challenges and solutions for managing dynamic issues and problems across the realms of politics, policy, health and social wellbeing, both on campus and beyond.

  • Ron Watson

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