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Paul Stanley

Academic Specialties and Other Interests

Science education is my passion, and I have had the opportunity to practice this enjoyable pastime in multiple countries, with students from diverse backgrounds, in educational institutions that vary from bucolic boarding high schools to bustling urban universities. Though physics is my central focus, I investigate phenomena in quantum systems and in chaos theory as well as the science behind musical instruments. When you are on campus, you could find me working with students in the science building machine shop, the particle accelerator lab, in the CELEB MakerLab, or playing my trumpet in the College jazz band.

I love to travel. I was bitten by that particular bug just after finishing my undergraduate degree, and I spent the subsequent seven years on a remote tropical island in the South Pacific. Ask me about mosquitoes; I’ve been bitten by that bug as well. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer- there are a number of Beloit faculty who had followed that path- before deciding that a small liberal arts college would be my next calling. I speak a number of foreign languages, some quite obscure, but for the most part my linguistic fluidity is conversationally limited. I still travel extensively, and I think that language and culture are an important part of the liberal arts. As such I encourage my students and advisees to consider how they can broaden their own exposure to the world.

One of the most valuable parts of the Beloit experience is the opportunity to explore and try so many different, and often new, things. Working with students as they discover their own ambitions and goals, be that in music or entrepreneurship or physics or engineering or Asian culture, is what makes my job at Beloit College so satisfying and rewarding.

  • Image of Paul Stanley wearing his ever present hat.

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