Kristin Labby

Academic Specialties and Other Interests

I am a professor in the Chemistry department. I also teach in the Health and Society and Biochemistry programs and advise students who are interested in going on to work in the health professions by working with the Health and Healing Channel and the Health Professions Advising Committee.

I trained as a medicinal chemist which draws upon organic chemistry and biochemistry. I’ve had over ten years of work in academic research labs, and have been teaching at Beloit for seven years. In my own research I am working towards solutions to the antibiotic resistance crisis. I also have interests at the intersection of chemistry and art; I incorporate technical studies of art and artifacts into my instrumental analysis chemistry courses. As a teacher, I strive to include hands-on labs and authentic research experiences into my classes whenever possible. My favorite part of working at Beloit is collaborating with students on research projects.

When not in the lab, I like applying my scientific thinking to gardening and baking (kind of like chemistry, but more fruitful or yummy outcomes!), and I like biking and walking/hiking, and reading (both science and non-science!).

  • Kristin Labby

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