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Joseph Derosier

Academic Specialties and Other Interests

I am a professor in the Modern Languages and Literatures Department and Lead of the French Program. My teaching centers students and aims to create spaces for students to explore francophone (French-language) literature, film, and culture. My courses are designed as spaces for students to explore the stakes of literature and film in identity, nationalism, and history from the medieval period to the present. I hope to foster effective communication in French for those learning the language and to encourage creative approaches to literature and productive collaboration between peers in my classes. I aim for my classes to give students a safe space to re-imagine how authors writing in French reimagine and rebuild the world they inhabit, how norms are created and resisted in literary and filmic works, and how we, as readers, interact with, respond to, and understand these texts.

My research focus is on the French literary world at the turn of the 13th century, when French was used as a literary, mercantile, and colonial language from England to the Crusader kingdoms in the Levant. This work insists on how narratives of Arthur and the Round Table help us understand the longer history of sovereignty’s relation to populations, bodies, and fictions of nation and nationhood.

I love being at Beloit because we’re a tight-knit community and I get to know my students and see the amazing work that they do across campus and the globe. I love being able to work with students from around the country and the world as they navigate their journey at Beloit, in study abroad, and across majors and minors. I’m constantly inspired by our students’ intellectual agility and forever grateful for the great work that they do. I’m fortunate to be able to teach courses tied to different Channels from Sustainability to Social Justice and to collaborate with students to make events happen that can create new spaces for us to think about our role in this world. I’m also an avid baker, a cat dad, a huge fan of falcon cams, I enjoy the farmer’s market and exploring Beloit’s parks and natural spaces, and I like to bike out in the country.

  • Joseph P. Derosier

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