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Technological tools for universal design for learning in MATH 110

In academic year 2020-21, MATH 110 was taught in both hybrid and online formats. We propose to examine and expand course materials and course structure in order to identify elements which will contribute to increased student learning, engagement, and sense of belonging even after we return to an in-person, semester-long format in these courses.

In particular, we seek to establish frameworks of universal design for learning by setting best practices for recording and making class sessions and notes available to students outside of the classroom, providing individualized attention to students via Discord, using Desmos group activities and MATLAB labs to increase engagement and build practical skills, assessing learning via standards-based grading of Moodle quizzes, exams, and online homework assignments, incorporating virtual visits from professionals to serve career-readiness, and using other technological solutions which have been effective in an online format in these courses.

Central to our work will be continual mindfulness of the ways in which white supremacist structures in education can lead to exclusion of students from underrepresented groups from mathematics.

Project Duration

4 weeks (June 7-July 2)

Prerequisite Courses

MATH 110: Calculus 1

Preferred Courses

MATH 115: Calculus II and familiarity with Zoom and Discord.Experience with MATLAB or other programming experience would be especially helpful.

Number of Positions


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