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Biology education: How Do Students Learn Biology?

This biology education research project has two parts: the first 4-week part will involve creating an organized, accessible, digital library of shared pedagogical resources for introductory biology courses. Informed by the current literature on best practices in critical conscious- and evidence-based pedagogies, we will develop, assemble, and curate resources for these courses.

The second 4-week part will involve conducting novel research investigating how students learn (and don’t learn!) fundamental microbiology concepts, with the goal of developing and testing the efficacy of new microbiology teaching tools.

Both parts of this project are likely to include: scientific literature reading and review, creating searchable databases, creating and working with Excel spreadsheets, creating classroom worksheets, and assembling digital resources.

Focus Areas


Project Duration

8 weeks (June 7-July 30)

Prerequisite Courses


Preferred Courses

BIOL 247: Biometrics

Number of Positions


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