Padyn O’Keefe

  • Padyn O’Keefe ’22
  • Padyn O’Keefe ’22
  • Padyn O’Keefe ’22
  • Padyn O’Keefe ’22
  • Padyn O’Keefe ’22
    Alex Garcia 708-824-7778


Head Orientation Leader


Loves Park, IL (about 20 minutes from campus)



Majors & Minors

Political Science, Minor in Law and Justice

Graduation Year


Fun fact

I hold my pencils and pens super weird (like in a fist kinda?) and professors/people in meetings usually point it out and have people watch me write because it looks so funny. If you see me write like this, don’t worry, I was just too stubborn to learn how to write the right way in Kindergarten apparently!

Languages I speak

I speak English and have taken three years of Spanish (before college) and one French class at Beloit, but I am not fluent.

Why I choose Beloit

The question of why I chose Beloit is one of my favorite to answer. Upon arriving on campus and walking around on my tours, I really felt like I could see myself developing personally and professionally at Beloit and could imagine myself fitting into the many communities that we have to offer here. I was very nervous about feeling like I belonged at a school on my college search, but at Beloit I just knew. The energy of everyone buzzing around walking to class, sports, clubs, etc. made me feel inspired and I knew Beloit was the place for me.

Favorite color

Hmmm....I switch favorite colors pretty often but I really like blue because it reminds me of the ocean and yellow because it reminds me of sunshine.

Campus clubs/groups

One of my favorite things about my Beloit experience is the community it has given me as well as the opportunity to balance my multiple passions and interests and always put academics first. I am a captain on the swim team, the president of Kappa Delta, and I am also in Rho Lambda (our leadership and academic excellence sorority on campus), and work as a tour guide/student ambassador in admissions. I also work at a daycare in a gym in Loves Park called Peak Sports Club and I love all of my kiddos there!


As far as hobbies, I don’t always have the most time but I also do CrossFit classes outside of my swim training and I really like astrology

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