Satirtha Saha Protya

Hi!! My name is Satirtha Saha Protya, and I am an international student from Bangladesh. I am a sophomore planning to double major in Biochemistry and Cognitive Science with a minor in Data Science. I am working with the Office of Admissions and also working as a Building Assistant of Powerhouse. Apart from my Academics and on-campus jobs, I am involved in clubbing activities. I am a member of Math and CS Club, Asia Pacific Students Association, Physics and Astronomy Club and Beloit Investment Club. I love making video content, talking with people, and learning new things and cultures; plus, I love cooking food! Beloit College is like a second home for me. I have learned how important community can be after coming to Beloit. Here we care for each other, care for the community. I believe Beloit is where dreams come true, and I am chasing my dreams here.


Funding Board Member



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