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[CHEM 360] Next-Generation Antimicrobials

This course explores the chemistry of antibiotics, including their chemical structures, mechanisms of antibiotic action, mechanisms of bacterial resistance, methods of drug discovery, and stewardship and policy. Students engage in critical reading and discussion of scientific literature. During the laboratory component of the course, students discover and characterize antibiotic-producing bacteria from soil. Techniques include aseptic microbiological work, PCR and introductory bioinformatics (BLAST, and antiSMASH), chemical extraction, and biochemical assays. Students engage in experimental design during a semester-long research project and communicate their findings by preparing and presenting a poster about their research project.

Course Title

Next-Generation Antimicrobials

Course Code

CHEM 360



Fulfills Domain/Capstone Requirements



Prerequisite: One 200-level biology course, Chemistry 235, and junior or senior standing or consent of instructor.


Offered every other spring.

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