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Jagvi Dey

What would you like to accomplish as a student senator at Beloit?

My foremost objective, as a student senator, is to be able to represent the voice of each and every student before the senate. Additionally, I wish to seek opportunities to empower, support, and assist students in their endeavours towards creating a positive impact within Beloit College and beyond.

I would also like to employ my role to build a safer, healthier, and more inclusive community on campus, and ensure that every procedure or policy that is implemented or enacted, is in the best interest of the students.

Finally and most importantly, I wish to be able to build meaningful relationships with my peers in a manner that would encourage conversations and friendship.

What is your favorite thing about Beloit?

In wake of the pandemic, I was not able to make it to the campus this semester. While this did upset me initially, my concerns were addressed immediately. Not for one day ever since the beginning of this semester, have I felt excluded in any way. The immense love, support, and nurture that the college has provided me with; be it the faculty and their prompt responses to all my concerns and queries, my professors with their able and acute guidance, or my friends and fellow students who have left no stone unturned in making me feel at ease and included; leaves me with nothing but gratitude and adoration for everyone in college.

In fact, just thinking about how my peers considered me for a position in the senate without ever meeting me in person, shows the amount of trust, respect, and love they have for me, and that makes me feel extremely humbled and grateful. This warmth and enthusiasm is what I cherish the most about Beloit.

What makes you laugh the most?

Knock knock jokes! This one in particular:

Person 1- Knock Knock.
Person 2- Who’s there?
Person 1- Boo
Person 2- Boo who?
Person 1- Why are you crying? It’s just me!

(Yes, I am a most definitely not a 4 year old)

What motivates you to work hard?

My desire to accomplish the goals I set for myself is what drives me to work hard.

Who's your hero?

Fortunately for me, I come across people that inspire me to become the best version of myself very often. So I find my heroes everywhere and everyday. However, I look up to my mother and father as constant heroes in my life. My mother’s indomitable spirit, righteousness, and compassion; and my father’s courage and strength is what emboldens and nourishes me constantly.

Class year


Major(s) / Minor(s):

International Relations and Sociology


Kolkata, India

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