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Farah Tolu-Honary

What would you like to accomplish as a student senator at Beloit?

As an academic senator, I will be promoting environmentally friendly policies for the
campus. We are facing an existential crisis; thus, it is critical that all institutions and
individuals work together to be a part of the solution.

Additionally, it is not acceptable for institutions to just not be racist; institutions must be anti-racist. I have had many conversations with fellow students about systemic racism and can see that Beloit College students are extremely concerned about this issue. Thus, as a student representative, I have the responsibility to ensure that this institution is doing everything it can to acknowledge the issues that students, and society, care about.

What is your favorite thing about Beloit?

As a first year student, I have not had a lot of time to fully grasp the school’s culture. But even in the short time I have been a member of the Beloit College community, the kindness that the student body has for one another and the dedication of the faculty and staff to helping students has quickly become apparent. For example, students have been diligently following COVID guidelines; they truly care about others around them. Faculty and staff check up on us to make sure that our mental health is not forgotten during a time when physical health is jeopardized.

What makes you laugh the most?

As a Gen Zer, I have to confess that as social distancing has limited my ability to be with others, Tik Tok has been my go-to platform for a good laugh.

What motivates you to work hard?

My generational status has been my primary motivation to work hard. The country, and the world, cannot afford Gen Zers to ignore national and international problems, and they haven’t. The effects of income, racial, and gender inequality are incredibly concerning to me. Time and time again leaders have brushed these issues (which are increasingly detrimental to the youth) under the rug. This is why I believe that if you cannot make your representatives work for you, you have to represent yourself.

Who's your hero?

Political economist Robert Reich is someone who I really admire. He has never forgotten his morals and he continues to advocate for those whose voices are often left unheard. He never shies away from speaking up about injustices and believes a society can only be as strong as its most vulnerable members.

Class year


Major(s) / Minor(s):

Political Science and International Relations


Freeport, Illinois

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