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Writing Practicum: Writing the Environmental Humanities

This writing seminar explores a variety of approaches and concepts in the evolving field called the “environmental humanities.” How, we will ask, can the humanities help us to communicate and respond to one of the most urgent challenges of our time—namely, global climate change? How can insights from the humanities—questions of meaning, value, ethics, and beauty—shape our understanding of sustainability, climate justice, and global citizenship? While our class will draw broadly from art, literature, history, philosophy, and visual media, our most prominent focus will be literary and rhetorical. We will read and write climate fiction [“cli-fi”] and will consider how acts of communication, storytelling, and persuasion can positively influence both our current world and worlds of the future. Along the way, students will develop critical reading, writing, and thinking skills by crafting and revising assignments for different audiences. **Important: this course requires extensive collaboration with peers, individual conferences with the instructor, and regular writing and revision throughout the semester.**

Course Number

WRIT 202 B2

Course Number (Cross Listing 1)

CPLT 230 B2


Youd, Daniel M.





Course Format


Time Slot

Early Morning



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