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Writing Practicum: Counting, Writing, Seeing

In this course we will harness data—and the technologies used to generate them—to become more perceptive readers and better writers. Is it possible to count, or quantify, the qualitative features of writing, whether a poem, a newspaper article, or a tweet? How do we see texts and the relationships between them differently when we use visual forms and graphs, such as word clouds, n-grams, or dendrograms? In order to answer these questions, students will experiment with some basic tools in the field of the Digital Humanities—e.g. digital Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) conventions—which they will use to analyze their own writing as well as the writing of others.

Course Number

WRIT 202 B1

Course Number (Cross Listing 1)

CPLT 230 B2


Youd, Daniel M.





Course Format


Course Format Description

Synchronous online class meetings for the entire class Mondays and Wednesdays (also available for upon arrangement with instructor asynchronously). Additional asynchronous in-person small group meetings on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Arrangements will be made for students off campus to attend small group meetings remotely.

Time Slot

Early Morning



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