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Writing Seminar: Games, Gamers, and Gamification

This class helps students develop their facility for writing and reasoning by adopting a critical approach to a familiar subject: games. We will learn to analyze games according to the principles of their design, intervene in political debates surrounding gaming, and join the growing public conversation about the future of games in learning. Our primary focus will be on learning the skills of academic argumentation, but we will also explore the potential of games themselves as a rhetorical medium. Class is conducted as a mixture of discussion, workshop, and individual conferences with instructor.

Course Number

WRIT 100 C1


Taylor, Matthew P.





Course Format


Course Format Description

Synchronous online course meetings two or three times a week; students must attend at the assigned course time, though classes will sometimes be split into two or more groups and may meet on different days of the week. There will also be occasional one-on-one meetings with the professor. Asynchronous activities will include readings, playing games, and writing assignments. Students may occasionally meet in small groups that they schedule themselves.

Time Slot

Mid Afternoon



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