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Writing Seminar: Alternative Histories and the Post-Fact World

We live in a world where concepts like “alternative facts” have become part of our regular discourse. Yet what do such concepts mean? And are they really so new? What fuels this tendency to seek and generate alternative truths to challenge the dominant narrative? Or is the concept of truth itself just an alternative fact? This writing seminar will explore these questions through studying specific examples of “counter truths,” conspiracy theories, and alternative histories over time; in doing so, we will attempt to identify the underlying causes for their appearance and the common threads that may tie them together. Writing assignments will include interpretive analyses, expository essays, and a research paper. In addition to group discussions around readings, class time will focus on developing strategies for approaching the writing process, improving mechanics and language use, and workshopping papers with peers. Students will also have regular one-on-one conferences with the instructor.

Course Number

WRIT 100 B2


Oliver, Donna S.





Course Format


Course Format Description

Synchronous online class meetings twice a week; small group in-person meetings twice a week. Additional scheduled synchronous and asynchronous small-group and individual meetings with instructor either in person or online.

Time Slot

Mid Morning



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