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Writing Seminar: Writing for Empathy

James Baldwin famously remarked that it was reading Dostoevsky that led him to discover, to his great empowerment, that he was not alone with his suffering. John Milton, writing centuries earlier, similarly found that to write and read was to spend a little time with the minds, people, and ideas of the past, to feel as they felt, and see the world as they did, and to add your world to the milieu. In this course, we will study and practice the way the reading and writing exchange can be a special tool for cultivating empathy against alienation and hate, for ourselves as writers and for others as our readers. We will practice various compositional modes: responding to readings, narratively parsing our experiences, reporting on and responding to current events, preparing for research writing, and creatively expressing ourselves. In each, we will focus on the way empathy plays an integral role in disseminating our thoughts.

Course Number

WRIT 100 C2


DePalma, Doug R.





Course Format


Course Format Description

Asynchronus work twice a week. Synchronous 1 on 1 and small group discussions (max 3) and problem solving sessions once per week, available in-person or online

Time Slot

Early Morning



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