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Writing Seminar: Social Justice

This course focuses on improving students’ reading and writing skills for college-level work. Students engage in collaborative workshops with peers, individual conferences with the instructor, and a regular developmental writing practice throughout the semester. We address the writing process, working with sources, and the elements of good writing, from organization to sentence-level clarity and correctness. This sections focuses on social justice. In particular, students will be asked to engage with the campus community and the wider public while thinking about the intersections of power, race, class, gender, and sexuality. Students will also learn about careers in social justice. Students who may be interested in the Rights and Justice channel at Beloit are particularly encouraged to enroll.

Course Number

WRIT 100 B1


Dango, Michael T.





Course Format


Course Format Description

Students will meet synchronously twice a week in small groups, in order to mazimize close contact with the instructor as you develop your writing skills. Students must attend at the assigned course time. Additional one-on-one conferences will also be scheduled with students.

Time Slot

Early Morning



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