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Theories of Contemporary Performance and Media

“Art happens when you intend it to happen. It happens when you leap with intention—The act is the point, more so now than ever,” says Anne Bogart. This course explores theories about the creative inspiration, the performative instinct, the creation of meaning, the artist’s relationship with the audience, the politics of performance, and the “rules” of narrative, spectacle, and performance. The goal is to examine the role of the performance artist in a postmodern world. Throughout the class, students explore interdisciplinary approaches to stretch the boundaries of their imagination. Those interested in media will gain insights to theories critical to understanding and critiquing media.

Course Number

THDA 202 B1

Course Number (Cross Listing 1)

MDST 202 B1


Sarno, Amy L.





Course Format


Course Format Description

The class will meet in person and students who join from off campus will be required to attend two synchronous lecture/discussions on Mondays and Wednesdays. Tuesdays and Thursdays will have asynchronous assignments which may involve additional meetings with other asynchronous class members. Asynchronous work may include additional readings, watching videos, essays that apply theoretical ideas, and creative projects.

Time Slot

Mid Morning



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