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Duffy Community Partnerships Seminar

Through hands-on engagement and academic reflection, students become acquainted with various, basic sociological tools for understanding institutions and communities such as: demographic data, ethnographic analysis, historical and political sociology. The overarching question addressed by this course is: What makes a good society? Students experience, describe, and analyze the challenges of civic engagement, service, and leadership. Each student spends approximately seven hours a week [90 hours per semester] at an assigned field site supervised by experienced community leaders. In addition, all attend a weekly seminar with reading and writing assignments focusing on texts examining communities from various sociological and interdisciplinary angles. Sites include: business, education, government, health care, social services, and the arts. Students from all majors are welcome. May be taken twice for credit, but students must take one fall and one spring semester [in any order], rather than two fall or two spring classes. Students taking the course for the first time produce a literature review, whereas students taking the course for the second time produce a project or research proposal. Students must apply and provide references for acceptance to the program. Applications are available from Carol Wickersham or online at

Course Number

SOCI 285 C1


Wickersham, Carol





Course Format


Course Format Description

Significant in-person or remote field work required. One to two synchronous discussions either remote or in-person depending on students’ ability to be on campus.

Time Slot




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