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Topics in Middle East Politics: The Israel-Palestine Conflict

This course examines one of the world’s longest-running and most intractable conflicts. Given the enormity of the topic, we will not be covering the entire history of the conflict, although we will proceed roughly in chronological order. We will focus heavily on the two main actors in the conflict, Israel and the Palestinians, so coverage of other key actors such as Syria, Jordan, and Egypt is limited. We will delve into the identities of the Israelis and the Palestinians – the origins of national consciousness, how they view themselves and the other party, the narratives they tell about the conflict, and the fault-lines running through each community.

Course Number

POLS 270 C1


Dougherty, Beth K.





Course Format


Course Format Description

The course will meet syncronously five days a week.

Time Slot

Mid Afternoon



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