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Women and Politics in Africa

Introduction to the roles and interaction of women within African society and in relation to the African state. Examines the formal and informal ways in which African women have entered and shaped the political sphere; as political activists, organizers, voters, politicians, lawyers, and policymakers. This course situates the study of African women in politics within the scholarship of developing world gender politics more broadly.

Course Number

POLS 250 C1

Course Number (Cross Listing 1)

CRIS 267 C3

Course Number (Cross Listing 2)

ENVS 250 C1


Ellett, Rachel L.





Course Format


Course Format Description

Synchronous online course meetings two to three times a week. Students must attend at the assigned course time. Asynchronous work will include small group assignments, videos, lectures, discussion posts and other short writing assignments. Students will also meet in small groups by themselves.

Time Slot

Mid Morning



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