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General Physics I

An introduction to the fundamental concepts of classical mechanics: Newton’s laws, conservation of momentum and energy, and oscillatory and rotational motion. Students planning to take additional physics courses should take Mathematics 110 concurrently with Physics 101. Four hours of classroom work and two hours of laboratory work are required each week.

Course Number

PHYS 101 C1


Scharringhausen, Britt R.





Course Format


Course Format Description

Synchronous online meetings during scheduled class periods with interactive conceptual, problem-solving, and laboratory exercises, also available for asynchronous completion, and discussion. On-campus students will have a special role as hands-on lab participants. All students will be required to meet weekly with other class members, choosing synchronous online class meetings, self-arranged partnered activities with another student, TA- or student-lead sessions outside the class period, or office hours.

Time Slot

All Afternoon



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