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Topics in Music Composition--Music Creation: Using Ableton

In the music industry there are many DAW [Digital Audio Workstation] software available, from very simple to very complex. Beloit College’s Maple Tree Studio uses the ‘industry’s’ standard: ProTools from AVID Corporation. This is a recording software. Over several years students have employed music creation software such as Logic by Apple, Reason by Propellerhead and Ableton by Ableton. To incorporate created sound files into ProTools offers the engineer needed alternatives during sessions that helps to streamline the recording process. After experimenting with all three, this course will focus on Ableton. Each class will offer the students the ability to know and understand the power of the program. There will be opportunities to experiment and to learn how to create, edit and ultimately perform. At the end of the term the compositions will be showcased at Galleria ABBA where the public will be invited.

Course Number

MUSI 251 B1


Nie, James I.





Course Format


Time Slot

Mid Afternoon



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