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Music, Sound, and Theory

Open to all students, this introductory course comprises two integrated components: the development of music theory skills alongside the conceptual investigation of sound and music. Developed through lectures and lab sections, skills include basic experience with notation, rhythm, chords, keys, transposition, and tonal function. Readings and class discussions take us beyond either the notes on the page or tracks from a playlist as we study how musical experiences are shaped by intersecting social, political, economic, and historical influences. Topics might include the exploration of listening, performance, improvisation, notation, psychoacoustics, temporality, and music’s intersection with the body, race, gender, and class. Skills homework and readings are assigned weekly.

Course Number

MUSI 170 C1


Wu, Yiheng Y.





Course Format


Course Format Description

Asynchronous activities include recorded lectures, online discussion forum, readings, and written or recorded homework, each once a week. Synchronous activities during assigned course time include full-class discussions (once a week) and “labs” in small groups (twice a week). Alternative times for small groups may be scheduled and discussion participation may be asynchronous if needed. No class/assignments on Wednesdays.

Time Slot

Mid Morning



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