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Advanced Topics in History–History Beyond Borders: Transnational and Global Approaches to Europe’s Past

Traditionally, most historians have focused on studying the history of one specific country or another. However, the last two decades have seen what is often called a “transnational” or “global” turn in history writing. More and more scholars are trying to understand the connections and transfers across the borders between different countries, and between different continents, that people have created in the past. Focusing on the period between 1500 and the present, this class asks how this new approach has changed our understanding of European history. Topics to be discussed include global trade, transnational religious networks, the history of colonialism, and the history of global political activism. Over the course of the class, students will learn to become transnational historians themselves, resulting in a substantial final research paper.

Course Number

HIST 310 B1


Brueckenhaus, Daniel





Course Format


Course Format Description

Synchronous online class meetings two times each week. Asynchronous activities will include various writing assignments, including a primary source analysis paper and a 20-25-page final paper. Live attendance at the class meetings is required. However, options may be made available for international students taking the class from abroad to replace some of the synchronous meetings with additional asynchronous work.

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