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Practicum in Teaching

Students participate in pre-K to high school classrooms as teaching apprentices, in conjunction with an ongoing workshop devoted to learning about planning, instruction, and assessment. One unit requires a minimum of eight hours weekly in a classroom setting—a total of approximately 120 hours—with the goal of high-quality independent teaching, under the supervision of a cooperating teacher and a college supervisor. All practica take place in local schools that feature significant socio-cultural diversity and offer experience working with a wide range of atypical students in mainstream and special settings. Students are placed in classrooms corresponding to eventual teaching interests, leading in most cases to students teaching. Students aspiring to obtain certification should undertake teaching experiences with children/youth at two different levels of schooling, e.g. high school and middle school. The goal of the workshop will be the completion of a short version of the Educational Teacher Performance Assessment [edTPA], the equivalent to a field-based research project, requiring a written report of approximately 25 pages. Students may take this course twice, with different placements.

Course Number

EDYS 300 C1


Segura, David





Course Format


Course Format Description

Whole class videoconference once weekly during scheduled meeting time. Small work groups will be scheduled synchronously, with asynchronous sessions possible for students off-campus. Students will also be responsible to view online materials, participate in text-based forums, and collaborate on shared documents/projects on their own. Alternative field placements (as determined by the placement school district) to be arranged.

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