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Historical and Philosophical Perspectives in Education and Youth Studies

An exploration of a variety of philosophical and historical approaches to the study of education and youth are integrated throughout this class. Students’ own educational experiences are taken into consideration through digital stories. These student experiences, in school and out of school, as well as the students’ developmental histories and personal philosophies, are considered in their relation to each other, as sources of knowledge and understanding. Students read and write about philosophers and theorists from a broad range of traditions, periods, and places. Integrated with philosophical explorations, students undertake historical investigations of schooling youth; this course focuses on the history of the U.S. and the development of ideas of democratic schooling in contexts of inequality. These explorations also include investigating how media and propaganda impact societal norms and influence education and youth. Additionally, a strong emphasis is placed on anti- racism, anti-sexism, anti-heterosexism, and [dis]able bodies. In their writing and face-to-face interactions, students are strongly encouraged to employ philosophical and historical methodologies for their own self-expression.

Course Number

EDYS 102 B1


New, William S.





Course Format


Course Format Description

Whole class videoconference 1X weekly during scheduled meeting time. Small work groups video-conference (non-resident) or F2F outdoor (resident) w/instructor 1X/2X weekly, during scheduled meeting time. Student work groups video/audio conference or F2F, 2X weekly, 1X during the scheduled meeting time. Students on their own time: viewing/listening-to recorded AV materials, participating in text-based forum & chat conversation, collaborating on shared documents/projects, reading and writing.

Time Slot

Mid Morning



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