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Economics Senior Seminar on the Wealth and Well-Being of Nations

This capstone course is for all majors in the department of economics. As the title suggests, the central question raised in this course is, “What are the nature and causes of wealth and well-being?” This is among the discipline’s most important questions, and it is therefore a fitting one to pursue in this capstone course. Economists have addressed this question with a wide variety of intellectual tools and paradigms, and it is the source of continuing debate and discovery. Each year this course is redesigned around the ideas and influence of a major thinker, school of thought, and/or sub-discipline within economics. This design will reflect the content of an annual event: The Wealth and Well-Being of Nations: A Forum in Honor of Miller Upton.

Course Number

ECON 380 B1


Phan, Diep N.





Course Format


Course Format Description

Synchronous lectures (in-person and remotely) on T&TH; attendance is required (exception: students with legitimate reasons can watch recorded lectures); online group work/meetings and online meetings with instructor on MWF

Time Slot

Early Afternoon



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