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Game Theory

Tools and concepts from game theory [e.g., simultaneous-move games, sequential-move games, Nash equilibrium, and Bayesian equilibrium] are used to model topics from international political economy [e.g., strategic trade policy, bargaining, and voting games], macroeconomics [e.g., unemployment and optimal policymaking], industrial organization [e.g., cartels, oligopoly, contestable markets, and mergers and acquisitions] and the financial sector [e.g., insurance, credit rationing, and auctions].

Course Number

ECON 306 C1


Elder, Robert W.



Course Format


Course Format Description

In-person classroom meetings 5 days per week, 60 minutes per meeting. Each class session will be recorded and posted for off-campus viewing online. Zoom office hours for questions and answers will be available at times that work for students on-campus as well as off-campus.

Time Slot

Mid Morning



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