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Database Capstone I

An introduction to relational database systems, including design, architecture, SQL, relational data modeling, entity-relationships, transactions, and reliability. An appropriate scripting language such as PHP will be introduced for project usage. Students will work in teams with an outside customer to design a real-world database application, including presentations oriented to the customer and colleagues. This is a liberal arts in practice course. Students will study the basis of ethical decisions, how to apply them in computer science, and the impact of the collection of large quantities of information.

Course Number

CSCI 365 B1


Haj Said, Eyad





Course Format


Course Format Description

This class will be run synchronously and asynchronously. Regarding the lectures and programming lab, we will meet regularly over Zoom one or two days a week at the same time of lecture time. The recorded lectures and online videos will be also available. Performing reading, doing programming/non- programing activities, asynchronous collaborative teamwork projects will be part of the course.

Time Slot

Mid Afternoon



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