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Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

This course is a structured approach to algorithm development and problem solving using computer programming in an object-oriented programming language such as Java. The course develops the concepts of procedural abstraction, program design, debugging, and testing in addition to teaching the standard features of a high-level computer programming language. Students will be introduced to the key concepts of object-oriented programming, including classes, inheritance, polymorphism, and interfaces. Societal issues related to computers- e.g. ethics, privacy, liability, and security- will also be discussed.

Course Number

CSCI 111 B1


Haj Said, Eyad





Course Format


Course Format Description

This class will be run synchronously and asynchronously. Regarding the lectures and programming lab, we will meet regularly over Zoom four or five days a week at the same time of lecture time. The recorded lectures and online videos will be also available. Performing online reading, doing programming/non- programing online activities, asynchronous collaborative teamwork projects will be part of the course.

Time Slot

Early Morning



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