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Topics in Instrumental Analysis: NMR & IR & MS

Theory and application of nuclear magnetic resonance [alignment of some atomic nuclei in a strong magnetic field], infrared spectroscopy [excitation of molecular bond vibrations], and mass spectrometry [determination of mass-to-charge ratio of ions] to gain understanding of the fundamental principles involved and to provide evidence for molecular identification. Applications include natural products, medicines, and pigments and dyes.

Course Number

CHEM 225 B1


Labby, Kristin



Course Format

in person

Course Format Description

Synchronous online course meeting M, W,F. Asynchronous activities will include recorded lectures, readings, videos, and online homework sets. Laboratory meetings will occur Tuesday and Thursdays for a mixture of in person and online activities. Live attendance at the synchronous meetings and during the in person laboratory activities is preferred, but accommodations will be made for students who are unable to do so. Please contact instructor.

Time Slot

Mid Morning



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