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Topics in Introductory Biology: Aquatic Biology

A survey of freshwater and marine organisms from microbes to marine mammals. The course emphasizes ecology, evolution, anatomy, reproduction, behavior, and physiology of aquatic animals, and reviews all types of aquatic ecosystems: rivers, lakes, intertidal and deep sea. Students design, perform, analyze, and report on small research projects. Laboratory work requires dissection. For science and non-science students. Three two-hour lecture-laboratory periods per week.

Course Number

BIOL 172 C1


Cary, Tawnya





Course Format


Course Format Description

A mixture of synchronous, in-person lab activities (twice per week) and online discussions (twice per week) during scheduled course times and asynchronous activities. Asynchronous activities include reading, online simulations, videos, quizzes, and small group work. All lab activities during the first 2 weeks of Mod 2 will be held outside, rain or shine; please dress appropriately. Students on and off campus are welcome to participate.

Time Slot

All Morning



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