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Magali Gray


Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA



Expected graduation year


Academic interests

Im interested in studying languages, especially Mandarin, as well as international relations and education.

Fun fact about me

When I’m bored in the summer I sometimes order pizza, grab some friends, and go on a midnight picnic till the sunrise.

Languages I speak

I speak English and Spanish, though my Spanish need some help.

Why I chose Beloit

I chose Beloit because I liked the idea of a small, diverse campus, one that had many opportunities for studying abroad and music. The admissions team was also very friendly when I was applying and I’m hoping the rest of the staff will be the same.

Favorite color


Campus clubs/groups I'm interested in

I’m interested in art, theatre, and music clubs, as well as international club and Spanish.

Favorite hobbies/sports

I like to swim, hike, and kayak, and I love to play music. I embroider and sew a lot, and sometimes make my own clothes, and I am a friendship bracelet connoisseur.

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