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India Clizer


Viroqua, WI, U.S.A.



Expected graduation year


Academic interests

Anthropology, history, theater, foreign languages, literature, museum studies.

Fun fact about me

Once had a wild songbird land on my shoulder and hang out for a while. #snowwhite? #stillwaitingonthesevendwarves

Languages I speak

English and a little Spanish.

Why I chose Beloit

I felt I could get a wonderful, hands on educational experience at Beloit. Loved the opportunities the anthropology department offers.

Favorite color

Desert Sky Blue

Campus clubs/groups I'm interested in

Anthropology club, archery club, Beloit Independent Theatre Experience (BITE), fencing club, Russian club, Spanish club, yoga club, among others.

Favorite hobbies/sports

Cooking (especially gourmet French & Moroccan dishes), exploring nature, road trips, working w/animals (in particular my 4 dogs), herbalism, acting, hanging out with my 6 siblings, editing screenplays, movie buff, badminton, wannabe pro UNO player.

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