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AJ Nowak


Janesville, Wisconsin. United States.



Expected graduation year


Academic interests

Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology

Fun fact about me

I love to dye my hair different colors and my favorite food is cheesecake.

Languages I speak


Why I chose Beloit

It was close to home, diverse student population, not too big, very welcoming and chill vibes.

Favorite color


Campus clubs/groups I'm interested in

SAGA definitely. and i don’t know the specific names of other groups but anything art related, writing, possibly gardening. anywhere i can be creative and have fun

Favorite hobbies/sports

i love to do art and create. I have never been very good at organized sports but various fitness activities like dancing and gymnastics have always looked fun to me. i like to read and write occasionally. I love to sing and make music with other people.

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