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Kendri Duran Bracho


Cartagena, Colombia



Expected graduation year


Academic interests

My academic interest is in the field of medicine and science.

Fun fact about me

I was in medical university at the age of 16.

Languages I speak

Spanish and English.

Why I chose Beloit

Someone close to me graduated from Beloit, and he gave me good reviews about the school. That motivated me to visit Beloit personally, and I really felt like I belonged to that place. I think one of my main interests in Beloit is personalized education as it has better quality.

Favorite color


Campus clubs/groups I'm interested in

Model United Nations (Model U.N.), French Club, Beloit International Student Career Services (BISCS), International Club, Round Table (Newspaper), Music Club.

Favorite hobbies/sports

Reading, cooking, photography, swimming, exercising, makeup, singing, comedy, entertainment, modelling, dancing, etc.

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