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HIST 210

Topic Course Title

Calendars and Almanacs in East Asia

Topic Course Description

This first-year history seminar begins with an examination of the Chinese almanac—a folk classic that has been published annually for the past millennium, and reflects the popular Daoist, Buddhist, and Confucian religious traditions that are central to an understanding of Chinese social life into the twenty-first century. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the lunar calendar, key festivals, and important life cycle rituals as they work through the text of the almanac (in translation). They will learn to “read” the Chinese calendar with the aid of supplementary materials. We will spend a significant amount of time comparing Chinese and Japanese calendars, as well as cultural practices that are linked to them in each society. Students will read a wide range of literary, historical, and ethnographic works to supplement their study of calendars and almanacs, and the instructor will make liberal use of his own field experience to give context to the readings.

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Early Morning

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